My Mission

I want girls to BELIEVE in themselves! I want them to FEEL they are strong, beautiful and unique. I want them to KNOW their worth. Every moment of every day. I want them to believe they are smart enough, creative enough and good enough. I want them to NEVER give up on themselves. I want them to stand out, inspire and show the world how bright they SHINE.

ishinemyway sells fun and inspirational clothing for girls. My mission is to inspire girls to discover their identities, self-confidence, and self-belief. My goal is to nurture their self-expression through styles designed to inspire. I want to help them grow to be confident in themselves and show the world how bright they SHINE.



A Little About Me and My Biz

  • I’ve always been creative. When I was little I loved to draw and paint. I also loved creative writing. I thought I would grow up to be a famous writer. Although I didn’t become a writer, I did become a designer and I have been in the design industry for almost 20yrs.


  • In the past, I joined several multi-level marketing programs in my journey to become a business owner. I was never successful with those businesses because my heart was not in it. After a few years of searching within myself, I realized I wanted to have a business that I was passionate about and a business and life that would bring a positive contribution to this world.


  • I believe that everyone can find work they love, work that inspires them and work they truly enjoy doing. It takes a lot of soul searching and being real with yourself. What is it that makes you alive, what is that you love doing?


  • My main inspiration for starting my business is my daughter. Her creativity and imagination inspire me every day. She lives in the moment. Her freshness and outlook on life push me to want to achieve that newness and excitement in all I do and create.


  • I love shopping for my daughter’s clothes more than shopping for mine. Although, I noticed there weren’t many inspirational or encouraging messages for young girls in the fashion world. Not able to find inspiring clothing in the stores, I decided to start making my own designs.


 A Few Fun Facts

  • I’m an avid dog lover and have a pug named Kobe. He loves to bark, steal everyone’s shoes and eat whatever he can find. On the other hand, birds are not my friends. When I was little and on one of our many family camping trips, we went canoeing on a big lake. We stopped at what we thought was a shoreline for lunch. But it wasn’t. It was a nest of seagulls. Let’s just say they were not that happy with us and dive bombed and attacked us all the way back across the lake. To this day I’m not that fond of birds.
  • In my early twenties, I studied Muay Thai kickboxing. I loved it and was in one competition; although I didn’t win. Doing kickboxing was a way for me to feel more confident about myself. I was always extremely shy in school and I’m still a little shy to this day. Kickboxing gave me the power to believe in my abilities and gave me the strength to kick some butt.
  • I'm addicted to gum. It has replaced my caffeine habit. I also love eating beans. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert. I love fall and being outside on a crisp fall day. I only like to cook healthy food. And I love anything on the Bravo network.