Learn how to believe in yourself with this great organization

by Patricia Solis July 14, 2017

Learn how to believe in yourself with this great organization

Be the Queen you were BORN TO BE

Recently, I was lucky enough to come across an organization based in North Carolina called I AM A Queen. Founded by Alana V. Allen, the non-profit offers a year-round mentoring program for girls age 10-18. Their program focuses on growth and development in key areas such as money management and self-worth. Girls have a chance to participate in self-esteem and leadership training workshops. The girls learn from business professionals and community leaders that facilitate the workshops. This organization provides various other programs including a chance for fatherless girls to gain guidance and advice from a network of fathers volunteering their time.


Believe in yourself

I AM A Queen hosts an annual free Teen Empowerment Conference for girls age 10-18. The theme for this year’s conference held on Saturday, July 15th is “I Believe.” It involves topics centered on financial empowerment, finding your purpose and knowing your status and much more. It’s filled with special guest speakers, and it also includes breakout sessions on such topics as Art and Design and Finding Your Confidence. I was happy to contribute by donating some items for their goodie bags. (seen below)


Get inspired and make an impact

Please check out this organization and their mission at www.iamaqueen.org. Even though you may not live in the area, you can certainly get inspired by reading their background and seeing the impact they have in their community. Perhaps you can implement their mission in an organization you're a part of or with your daughter at home.

Patricia Solis
Patricia Solis


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